Monthly Market Update April 5, 2021

FEB2021 Local Real Estate Market Report

This month I am comparing the housing market from last year, pre-pandemic, shelter-in-place situation, to where we are today.
Local Summary: 
In Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz the median sale price climbed 34% and 17%, respectively, over last year.
Watsonville, just the opposite, the median sales price dropped 11%. See reports below for more detail.
My Observations:
We still should see moderate growth in our area over the second half, in part, due to the influx of buyers moving ‘over the hill’ who no longer need to live in major metros for their jobs. Also Watsonville, being part of our coastal community, is situated between two world-class gorgeous communities of Santa Cruz and Montrery/Carmel.  As the Santa Cruz communities start to spread out, properties in areas like Watsonville will increase in value and benefit from new housing developments and infrastructure.  For those wanting to right-size and take advantage of this ultra seller market, but stay close to family and the area, this may be a nice option.
I’m happy to answer any questions around the value of your home, the right time to sell, or Proposition 19 tax benefits.
Lastly, my SMART Green topics for this month’s newsletter


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